Life is a journey,
a time granted to discover and wonder,
to doubt and question, with challenges and experiences,
but most of all,
with Beauty in Nature all around.

Passionate about craft making with a deep respect and awe for the Earth, the items we create are made of wool and wood with a rustic edge, to enhance and enlighten your life with little beauties in the most simple things. Our creations can be seen on the Gallery page and some can be bought on our Folksy or our Etsy shops.

William Morris is known to have said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” and we think this is so true! It inspires us to make items that are useful and practical, lovely and warm.

About us

Alex knitting

Alex knitting

As a long-standing knitter, Alex loves playing with wool, such a versatile material, warm and soft to the touch. Her designs reflect the rounded lines of nature and include spirals as much as possible, for the positive energy they inspire.

She felts, spins, dyes as well as knits, combining natural colours from raw fleece with the bright colours present in nature.

Ronny fills his pockets (and the house!) with drift wood or branches, beach glass and other little treasures to make quirky wise elders and more. All very organic.

Ronny and Dexter

Ronny and Dexter

Our little friend Dexter gives him a good reason to spend hours on the beach in Dunbar (Scotland) where we live, a beautiful place.

We regularly donate part of the proceeds of what we sell to the Association Ubuntu. This project is set in a rural area in the West of Rwanda and is born out of a dream that Alex and her friend Marie Goretti had after working together in Rwanda back in 2002. The Association Ubuntu works in partnership with the cooperative Abihuje, a women’s self-help group.

Find out more about our connection to Rwanda on the Rwanda page.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, comments etc.

The logo for the website was made by Ligne Graphique and we love it!

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. THANKYOU so much for all the beauty and love in every stitch of the water bottle gift, I receive now in the post! may the recipients be blessed as I pass it on and Rwanda’s community project benefit greatly too. love X

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