Like a Journey

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Wool and wood with a rustic edge: Everyday practical and decorative items

We make products that combine usefulness and charm, enhancing the living space with the warmth of wool and wood. We take inspiration from the natural characteristics of the materials we work with, keeping in mind this quote from William Morris:

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful“.

Go to the Images page to browse our creations. A small selection is on sale at Laines d’Ici in Cernier (NE) as well as at the various stalls organised by the association la Filature de l’Avançon (VD). You can also get in touch directly.

2 thoughts on “Like a Journey

  1. THANKYOU so much for all the beauty and love in every stitch of the water bottle gift, I receive now in the post! may the recipients be blessed as I pass it on and Rwanda’s community project benefit greatly too. love X

    1. Thank you Michelle for your lovely message, I’m glad you like the hot water bottle and hope your recipients will like it too! Alexandra

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