Phones, mugs and other cosies

Alex loves to wrap things in wool… bottles, mugs, teapots, phones or iPads why not! And eggs.

Felted purses for phones and other mobile devices

Coffee pot and mug cosies

Tea cosies and vases

Egg cosies

Felted purses

Those purses are wet felted and decorated with a pretty button and/or a nice needle felted celtic design. Pictured are examples of felted purses, of a suitable size for mobile or smart phones – some are in stock but they can be made to your specifications of sizes and colours.

Prices between £8 (small, without celtic design) to £18 (mini-iPad type of size with celtic design)

Coffee pot and mug cosies

With a diversity of colours and sizes to choose from, you mugs and coffee pots will love it! They are decorated with the spiral of life.

Prices from £5 for a small-ish mug cosy, to £15 for a larger size coffee pot cosy

Tea cosies and vases

Bottles, jars and teapots elegantly dressed in left-over bits of wool used for other projects;
They can easily be *stripped* to be washed…

Prices are:

  • Tea cosy £25
  • Bottle large  (such as wine or 1lt) £12
  • Bottle small (250-500ml) £9
  • Jar £6

Egg cosies

Boiled eggs must also be kept warm! Here are little families of egg cosies, the number and colours are flexible of course.

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