Hot water bottles | Bouillotes

View a selection of hot water bottles with a soft cover to snuggle and keep warm wherever you are!

Voici une sélection de bouillotes avec couverture douce pour se cocooner quel que soit le lieu!


How to take care of your hot water bottle

If you use your hot water bottle regularly at home, here are a few tips that will make your bottle as well as Mother Earth forever grateful!
Don’t boil the water, fill the HWB to 2/3 only and let the air out before closing it. When you have finished using the HWB, either use the water for your plants or pour it in a special container that can go on the hob and re-use the water several times. Hang the HWB head down without screwing the top.

Inspired by Celtic designs

Celtic designs are deeply symbolic of the relationship that Celts had with the land. The Celts considered the land to be their Great Mother, and believed that rivers, springs, caves, hills and trees hid the mystery of gods and goddesses, the secrets of life. The Celts deeply revered the Earth and their rituals were based upon its rhythms. Celtic art is characterised by circles and curves, echoing the rounded lines of nature.

The number three symbolised the Celts’ three ‘worlds’ – the Otherworld of spirits and deities; the mortal world; the celestial sphere from which came sunshine and rain to nourish the land, the moon to mark the months, and the stars by whose configuration night-time direction-finding was possible.

The number three also symbolises the threefold nature of life and the interconnectedness of all things, such as body, mind and spirit; the realms of earth, sea and sky; or the categories of animal, mineral and vegetable.

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